Duplicity 0.8.08 Released

Written for Duplicity by Kenneth Loafman on 2019-12-08

New in v0.8.08 (2019/12/08)
* Fixed bug #1852848 with patch from Tomas Krizek
  - B2 moved the API from "b2" package into a separate "b2sdk" package.
    Using the old "b2" package is now deprecated. See link:
  - b2backend.py currently depends on both "b2" and "b2sdk", but use of "b2"
    is enforced and "b2sdk" isn't used at all.
  - The attached patch uses "b2sdk" as the primary dependency. If the new
    "b2sdk" module isn't available, it falls back to using the old "b2" in
    order to keep backward compatibility with older installations.
* Added build signing to dist/makesnap.
* Fixed bug #1852876 '_io.BufferedReader' object has no attribute 'uc_name'
  - Fixed a couple of instances where str() was used in place of util.uexc()
  - The file was opened with builtins, so use name, not uc_name
* Fixed bug #1851668 with help from Wolfgang Rohdewald
  - Applied patches to handle translations.
* Fixed bug #1853655 - duplicity crashes with --exclude-older-than
  - The exclusion setup checked for valid string only. Made
    the code comprehend datetime (int) as well.
* Fixed bug #1853809 - Tests failing with Python 3.8 / Deprecation warnings
  - Fixed the deprecation warnings with patch from Sebastien Bacher
  - Fixed test_globmatch to handle python 3.8 same as 3.7
  - Fixed tox.ini to include python 3.8 in future tests
* Merged in lp:~carlalex/duplicity/duplicity
  - Fixes bug #1840044: Migrate boto backend to boto3
  - New module uses boto3+s3:// as schema.
* Fixed bug #1855379 with patch from Daniel González Gasull
  - Issue warning on temporary connection loss.
* Fixed bug #1854554 with help from Tommy Nguyen
  - Fixed a typo made during Python 3 conversion.
* Merged in translation updates

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