Duplicity 0.8.09 Released

Written for Duplicity by Kenneth Loafman on 2020-01-07

New in v0.8.09 (2020/01/07)
* Fixed bug #1855636 with patch from Filip Slunecko
  - Wrong buf type returned on error. Make bytes.
* Fixed bug #1855736 with help from Michael Terry
  - Decode Popen output to utf8
* Fixed bug #1856447 with hint from Enno L
  - Replaced with formatted string
* Fixed bug #1855736 - duplicity fails to start
  - Made imports absolute in dup_main.py
* Fixed a mess I made. setup.py was shebanged to
  Py3, duplicity was shebanged to Py2. This meant
  that duplicity ran as Py2 but could not find its
  modules because they were under Py3. AArgh!
* Renamed testing/infrastructure to testing/docker
* Merged in lp:~ed.so/duplicity/boto.fixup
  - fix manpage indention
  - clarify difference between boto backends
  - add boto+s3:// for future use when boto3+s3://
    will become default s3 backend
* Fixed bug #1857554 name 'file' is not defined
  - file() calls replaced by open() in 3 places.
* Convert all shebangs to python3 for bug #1855736
* Fix bytes/string differences in subprocess_popen()
  - Now returns unicode string not bytes, like python2
* Fix bug #1857734 - TypeError in ssh_paramiko_backend
  - conn.recv() can return bytes or string, make string
* Fix bug #1858153 with patch from az
  - mega backend: fails to create directory
* Add snapcraft login to makesnap
* Fixed bug #1858295 - Unicode error in source filename
  - decode arg if it comes in as bytes
* Fixed bug #1855736 again - Duplicity fails to start
  - remove decode from unicode string
* Merged in translation updates

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