Duplicity 0.8.10 Released

Written for Duplicity by Kenneth Loafman on 2020-01-23

New in v0.8.10 (2020/01/23)
* Switched to python3 for snaps.
* Fixed bug #1858713 - paramiko socket.timeout
  - chan.recv() can return bytes or str based on
    the phase of the moon. Make allowances.
* Removed some unneeded includes of gettext
* Fixed bug #1859304 with patch from Arduous
  - Backup and restore do not work on SCP backend
* Move to single-sourceing the package version
  - Rework setup.py, dist/makedist, dist/makesnap,
    etc., to get version from duplicity/__init__.py
  - Drop dist/relfiles. It was problematic.
* Fixed bug #1859877 - syntax warning on python 3.8
* Skip functional/test_selection::TestUnicode if
  python version is less than 3.7.
* Clean up some TODO tasks in testing code.
* Clean up deprecation errors in Python 3.8
* Fixed bug #1858204 - ENODEV should be added to
  list of recognized error stringa
* Fixed bug #1858207 missing targets in multibackend
  - Made it possible to return default value instead
    of taking a fatal exception on an operation by
    operation approach. The only use case now is for
    multibackend to be able to list all targets and
    report back on the ones that don't work.
* Merged in translation updates

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