Duplicity 0.8.14 Released

Written for Duplicity by Kenneth Loafman on 2020-07-27

New in v0.8.15 (2020/07/27)
* Fix bug #1887689 with patch from Matthew Barry
  - Cleanup with Paramiko backend does not remove files due to missing
    filename byte decoding
* Fix bug #1211481 with merge from Raffaele Di Campli
  - Ignores the uid/gid from the archive and keeps the current user's one.
  - Recommended for restoring data to mounted filesystem which do not
    support Unix ownership or when root privileges are not available.
* Fix issue #10 - ppa:duplicity-release-git fails to install on Focal Fossa
  - Set correct version requirements in debian/control.
* Merged in joshAppdev:pydriveshared - Backend for Shared Drives on Google
  - pydrive://developer.gserviceaccount.com/target-folder/?driveID=<SHARED DRIVE ID>
* Merged in martin-sucha:pydrive-notfound - Fix missing FileNotUploadedError in pydrive
  - Since dadbe2d2, FileNotUploadedError is not imported anymore, resulting in an
    exception in case some of the files failed to upload. Adding the import back.
* Merged in hupfdule:s3-boto3-region-and-endpoint - Allow setting s3 region and endpoint
  - This commit introduces the new commandline options --s3-region-name, --s3-endpoint-url
    to specify these parameters. This allows using s3 compatible providers like Scaleway
    or OVH.
  - It is probably useful for Amazon accounts, too, to have more fine grained influence
    on the region to use.

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