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Dust theme
Rico Sta. Cruz
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    * Fix for Rhythmbox
    * Code cleanup
    * Added prelight for scales
    * Added handlebox image
    * Added more obvious menu item gradient

From previous versions: September 13
(These versions will not be hosted on LP.)

    * Fixed insensitive text contrast
    * Centered metacity titlebar (in consideration of RTL text)
    * Added scrollbar drag handles, lighter background
    * More borderless theme changes: resize handles are more apparent (RSC)
    * Borderless theme changes
    * Removed some gloss
    * Added all previous changes to Aurora theme

Dust - September 10

    * Updated to a light-colored statusbar (fixes many issues in many apps)
    * Minor metacity aesthetic fixes (titlebar gradient looks less 'puffy')

Dust - September 9

    * Min-max-close buttons update (with prelight)
    * Added subtle titlebar gradient
    * A few GTK changes

Dust - September 8

    * Consolidated both Aurora and Murrine versions into one package
    * Added a borderless style
    * Fixed toolbar handles a little
    * Aesthetic improvements to menus and toolbars
    * New selected item color

Dust (Murrine SVN) - September 7

    * Incorporates and cleans up changes from the previous version

Dust (Murrine SVN) - September 1

    * New color scheme, titlebar buttons alignment fix, and other fixes)

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