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DynAOI is a set of scripts released as open source under the GNU GPLv3. When interested in eye movements towards moving objects one is often interested in defining dynamic areas of interest (AOIs) representing the position and dimensions of important content over time. In order to achive this for animations and movies DynAOI uses three-dimensional models and the dynamic objects withing these models as dynamic AOIs.

The three-dimensional models need to be saved by the use of Blender (

*** NOTE! There seems to be a problem when using the current release of Blender to create the models. Please, use Blender 2.58! If you created the model with a newer version already, then try to export the model to Collada format and import it into an Blender 2.58 release. ***

In order to use DynAOI you can:
a.) either get involved using bazaar or
b.) download the whole package by clicking at the "Downloads" button. (upper right)

When using DynAOI, please cite as following:
Papenmeier, F., & Huff, M. (2010). DynAOI: A tool for matching eye-movement data with dynamic areas of interest in animations and movies. Behavior Research Methods, 42, 179-187.

Download manuscript PDF:

 --------- DynAOI 2.0 released ----------
I released DynAOI 2.0 (beta) today, 04th August 2011. It uses Blender 2.58 and Python 3.2. One can therefore match gaze positions to new models created with Blender 2.5 and above (previously Blender 2.49 and below was supported, only) and also benefit from Blender's new native COLLADA support for easier transfer of models from other modelling software to Blender.

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