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1.0.1 release from the 1.0 series released

Release information
Release notes:

lp bug 1453630 fix: Compilation error: "does_not_support_comparisons is a private member of libecap::Area"


[lp:1453630]: Compilation error: "does_not_support_comparisons is a private member of libecap::Area". No public API changes. No ABI changes are anticipated. No affect on any adapter or host application code that could compile before these changes.

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download icon libecap-1.0.1.tar.gz (md5) library sources v1.0.1 709
last downloaded 24 hours ago
Total downloads: 709

1.0.0 release from the 1.0 series released

Release information
Release notes:

ABI version set to 3:0:0. Adds support for asynchronous (e.g., threaded) adapters and better version checks by the host application. New features come with documentation and are illustrated by the new sample adapter (ecap_adapter_async).

Old adapters will need to be slightly adjusted to work with the new API even if they do not need to support asynchronous adaptation.



  Set current library ABI version to 3:0:0, due to the following
  API changes documented in doc/async.txt and doc/registration.txt:

  - Support asynchronous (e.g., threaded) adapters to accommodate
    eCAP services that require long blocking operations or even
    implement their own I/O and event loops.

  - Allow the host application to check the libecap version used
    to build the adapter module as well as the libecap version
    that the host application itself is being dynamically linked
    with. This prevents v1 host applications from accidentally
    loading v0 adapters and then mysteriously crashing.

  - Allow adapters and their host application to share pointers to
    transactions by changing Service::makeXaction() result type to
    libecap::shared_ptr (the exact new return type is typedefed as
    Service::MadeXactionPointer). This change helps asynchronous
    adapters to safely catalog pending transactions. The host
    application remains the primary owner of the transaction, so
    adapters wishing to catalog transactions should probably use
    weak pointers (libecap::weak_ptr).

  Other changes:

  - Removed the Callable API and common/call.h. No users of that
  experimental feature are known. Adapters and host applications
  may continue to provide the callable() method if they are using
  it themselves, but it was very unlikely to be used by the other
  side of the transaction in v0 and will be ignored in v1.

  - Polished source code.

File Description Downloads
download icon ecap_adapter_sample-1.0.0.tar.gz (md5) adapter sample v1.0.0 125
last downloaded 19 weeks ago
download icon libecap-1.0.0.tar.gz (md5) library sources v1.0.0 94
last downloaded 19 weeks ago
Total downloads: 219

0.2.0 release from the 0.2 series released

Release information
Release notes:

ABI version set to 2:0:0. Added Options to transactions, enabling meta-information exchange functionality similar to ICAP headers.


Added libtool library version info and set current library API
version to 2:0:0, due to the following API changes:

- Replaced Config API with a more general Options API. Options
  can be queried individually by name, which is often much
  faster than iteration through all options using the
  visitEachOption() method. (On the other hand, it is not yet
  clear whether any decent host or adapter can afford to ignore
  unknown options so we will remove by-name access in the future
  unless we see it being used for something worth supporting;
  feedback welcomed!).

  Existing adapter::Xaction::configure()/reconfigure()
  implementations and callers will need to be adjusted to use
  the new Options argument.

- Adapter and host transactions now provide Options API, which
  allows them to exchange meta-information with each other. The
  purpose of this addition is to enable exchanges similar to
  ICAP headers (not to be confused with encapsulated HTTP

  For example, an anti-virus adapter may report the detected
  virus information to the host application for logging or block
  page generation, without requiring eCAP and the host
  application to know anything about viruses.

  Existing Xaction implementations will need to provide
  options() and visitEachOption() methods, implementing the
  Options class API. The simplest implementation is to do

- Added safe conversion of Area to bool. It is commonly used for
  testing the results of methods that return Area and treat
  empty area specially.

  Existing code that defined custom Area comparison operators
  may need to be adjusted.

- Added commonly used meta-information names such as
  X-Subscriber-ID and X-Virus-ID, based on popular ICAP

Other changes:

- Fix out-of-source-tree build.

- Add a pkg-config file for building external software easily.

  Adapters and host applications should consider using
  pkg-config to verify that they are being built with the right
  libecap version and to generate the right build flags.

File Description Downloads
download icon ecap_adapter_sample-0.2.0.tar.gz (md5) adapter sample v0.2.0 88
last downloaded 51 weeks ago
download icon libecap-0.2.0.tar.gz (md5) library sources v0.2.0 63
last downloaded 50 weeks ago
Total downloads: 151

v0.1.0 release from the 0.1 series released

Release information
Release notes:

Adds request satisfaction, host-driven configuration, and host-administered message blocking.
API changes make this release incompatible with host applications and adapters that support v0.0.x of the library.


Major API changes:

- Added fresh message creation API to support "request
  satisfaction" and other cases where cloning a virgin message
  is not possible or is awkward because the adapted message is
  not an adjusted version of the virgin one.

  It is not clear whether host::Host or host::Xaction should be
  responsible for creation of fresh messages. The former
  (host::Host) option is more flexible and might allow for some
  optimizations where some "constant" message is created once
  and then reused via cloning or even pointer sharing. The
  latter (host::Xaction) option may be required if host
  application must tie messages to transactions. We implemented
  the host::Host option, assuming there are not such
  applications, for now.

- Added API to "visit" name:value collections such as
  configuration or headers.

  This API currently allows adapters to read host-provided
  "inlined" service configuration parameters as well as iterate
  all available virgin HTTP header fields. See
  adapter::Service::configure() and Header::visitEach().

  The API does not dictate any specific storage implementation
  for the visited collections. The users do not get access to
  the collection as a whole, just the individual items, one
  item at a time.

  Eventually, the same API can be used by hosts/adapters to
  supply transaction meta-information to adapters/hosts. The
  purpose of such exchanges is similar to what ICAP
  request/response headers are being used for now (true ICAP
  headers, not HTTP headers embedded in ICAP message bodies).

- Added host::Xaction::blockVirgin() to allow host-administered
  message blocking.

  All HTTP proxies and modular ICAP servers we know about have
  some kind of built-in message blocking functionality. Yet,
  adapters often duplicate that with their own block messages.
  In many cases, adapter block messages are less powerful than
  host block messages (e.g., lack customizable configs or
  runtime language negotiation features).

  The new blockVirgin() interface allows the adapter to focus
  on the adaptation (including blocking) logic and leave the
  blocking message configuration, generation, and serving to
  the host application.

  In REQMOD, the request is blocked without getting to the
  origin server. In RESPMOD, it is too late to block the
  request, but the client will not get access to the origin
  server response. In either case, the user receives a
  host-generated error message, such as HTTP 403 (Forbidden).

BUG fixes:

- Fixed flApplication logging constant value. The wrong value
  was outside the FrequencyLevel mask (0xF0) and, hence, was
  ignored by host applications.


- Added Transfer-Encoding header name.
  Many adapters will need that to determine expected message
  body size.

- Added efficient std::ostream writing operator for Area.

- Added file:lineno to TextException image.

File Description Downloads
download icon ecap_adapter_sample-0.1.0.tar.gz (md5) sample adapters 21
last downloaded 48 weeks ago
download icon libecap-0.1.0.tar.gz (md5) library sources 17
last downloaded 52 weeks ago
Total downloads: 38

v0.0.3 release from the 0.0 series released

Release information
Release notes:

This bug-fixing release incorporates all the previously published changes and updates sources to work in current environments.


- Fixed lp bug #327417: INT_MIN was not declared in this scope.

- Fixed lp bug #408091: libecap::adapter::Service::start() assertion.

- Fixed lp bug #672927: libcommon.a: No such file or directory

- Updated sources to use newer autotools.

- Removed hopefully obsolete and unused C++ ./configure checks.

- Fixed GCC v4.1.2 warning: 'class libecap::Callable' has virtual
  functions but non-virtual destructor. The warning is gone in more
  recent GCC versions, but the fix should not break anything.

File Description Downloads
download icon ecap_adapter_sample-0.0.3.tar.gz (md5) sample adapters 32
last downloaded 50 weeks ago
download icon libecap-0.0.3.tar.gz (md5) library sources 20
last downloaded 49 weeks ago
Total downloads: 52