Ecere SDK 0.44.10 - 64 bit, faster, better compiler

Written for Ecere by Jerome St-Louis on 2014-08-08

After over a year of polishing to our new 64 bit enabled SDK, we're very happy to present to you the official version 0.44.10 of the Ecere SDK.

This new version offers tremendous compiler performance improvements, many compiler bug fixes, improved samples with all resources required to build included, improved Linux user interface, improved C99 compatibility, Clang support, improved 3DS models visualization capabilities, and our new unique embedded Rubber Duck Debugging functionality!

The Windows Installer has also been improved and will welcome you right away with language options to switch to your native tongue.

We'd also like to invite you to check out our new websites: for the eC programming language for the Cross-Platform SDK and IDE

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