Ecru 0.1.3

Code reorganization and improvements to the Python interface, along with the beginnings of concurrency support. Script for running the REPL is now named 'ecru'.

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Allen Short
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Release notes 

Basic support for vats has been added, and the Python interface is now entirely implemented in a C extension module instead of using ctypes. Scripts now can be queried for approval stamps, and the 'Selfless' stamp has been added for use by the equalizer. Map objects, for example, now compare properly for equality.


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 - Renamed the repl script to 'ecru' for consistency.
 - Converted global exception/ejection state into thread-local state.
 - Objects can now be given approval stamps by stamping auditors.
 - Initial implementation of the 'Selfless' stamp and its use in the equalizer
   for object comparison, along with '__optUncall' methods for some objects.
 - Initial implementation of vats. Messages can can be queued and executed
   within a vat from C.
 - Reimplementation of the Python bridge entirely in C, using the vat interface
   for code execution.
 - Integration tests converted to Python unit tests.
 - Reorganization of objects implemented in C into separate source files.
 - Inclusion of build-aux files.

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