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Dustin Kirkland 
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Release notes 

  [ David Planella ]
  *,, debian/control, debian/po/,
    debian/po/ecryptfs-utils.pot, debian/po/fr.po, debian/rules,
    po/, src/desktop/,
    - internationalization work for LP: #358283
  * po/LINGUAS, po/ca.po: Catalan translation

  [ Yan Li <> ]
  * src/pam_ecryptfs/pam_ecryptfs.c, src/utils/,
    src/utils/ecryptfs-migrate-home: add a script and pam hooks to
    support automatic migration to encrypted home directory

  [ Dustin Kirkland ]
  * src/utils/ecryptfs-migrate-home: clean up for merge
    - use $() rather than ``
    - drop set -u
    - use = and !=, and quote vars, rather than testing with -ne, -eq,
      for better shell portability
    - improve usage statement and error text
    - check if already encrypted
    - handle migration of multiple users on boot
    - fix all whitespace, use tabs for indents
    - use quotes around variables, rather than ${} (stylistic preference)
    - major simplification for immediate release
      + remove boot and user modes; only support administrator mode for
        security reasons and to avoid race conditions
      + other modes can be re-added, if necessary, and if security
        concerns can be addressed
    - ensure running as root
    - drop VERBOSE option, always print useful info messages
    - call the user $USER_NAME rather than $USER_ID since id implies
      number, and here we're deailing with names
    - no decimals on awk calculation
    - mktemp on the target user, not root
    - check that there is enough disk space available to do the migration
    - ensure the user's homedir group is correct
    - add critical instructions, user *must* login after the migration and
      before the reboot, as their wrapped passphrase will be cleared on
      reboot (possible we should use an init script to move these to
      /var/tmp on reboot)
    - ensure permissions are set correctly
    - improve text at the end of the migration, organize into notes
  * ecryptfs-utils.ecryptfs-utils-restore.upstart,
    ecryptfs-utils.ecryptfs-utils-save.upstart, rules:
    - try to protect migrating users who don't login before the next reboot
  * debian/ecryptfs-utils.install: install the locale messages
  * src/desktop/ecryptfs-record-passphrase: improve dialog text
  * src/desktop/ecryptfs-record-passphrase: revert the _ bit, as it's not quite
    working yet, will need to talk to David to fix


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