Eina 0.10.0 (La primavera) Released

Written for Eina by L.Lopez on 2011-06-12

This is the first release based on gtk3 and some bugs, regressions and missing features are expected.

There are no big features since last release but a lot of code has been reviewed and cleaned, making this release more stable (I hope...)

System requirements are: gtk3, gstreamer0.10 (with plugins for different audio formats), curl, vala (only if you compile yourself the code). Optionally you can also use sqlite3, clutter-gtk, libnotify and libindicate to activate some plugins. At least Ubuntu 11.04 and Fedora 15 include all those packages.

Packages for Ubuntu 11.04 are also available on Eina's PPA[2]

You can report bugs at launchpad[3]


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