Eina 0.12.0 released

Written for Eina by L.Lopez on 2011-09-13

Eina 0.12.0 is an stable release but should be understood as a tecnology preview

- Gapless play
  Gapless play (aka non-pause play) is available in the same degree as gstreamer does, unfortunately, this doesn't mean perfect gapless play.

- libpeas-based plugins
  Plugins now can be written in C, python, javascript or any language supported by libpeas (https://live.gnome.org/Libpeas)

- Playback backend rewritten.
  Old bugs and workarounds fixed, more consistent API and improved documentation.

- Faster startup
  Some improvements have been done to make Eina more responsive at startup

- Fieshta mode (plugin)
  This plugin adds the basis for 'party mode' (no random skip within the playlist, no seek. Queue it and wait your turn).

- MPRIS support

Updated on 2011-09-14.

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