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Evolving EML support for auditing via ElectionAudits

Written for ElectionAudits by Neal McBurnett on 2010-02-24

The Election Markup Language is an international XML-based standard format for end to end management of election processes. Based on initial support for EML exports in ElectionAudits, comments on how to improve auditing via EML have been submitted to the OASIS Election Services Technical Committee:

Paper on Batch Reports via ElectionAudits for NIST workshop

Written for ElectionAudits by Neal McBurnett on 2009-11-19

At NIST's Common Data Format workshop, Neal McBurnett presented a paper on "Obtaining Batch Reports for Audits from Election Management Systems: ElectionAudits and the Boulder 2008 Election". Read it at

It tied in nicely with a recent announcement from an Audit Working Group that we convened at the American Statistical Association, which called for audit reports on small batches: "Data requirements for vote-tabulation audits: Statement to NIST" -

This has also led to the beginnings of support for the Election Markup Language (EML), an XML format, in ElectionAudits.

Updated on 2009-11-19.

OSCON talk: ElectionAudits: a Django App for Advanced Election Auditing

Written for ElectionAudits by Neal McBurnett on 2009-07-17

On Wed Jul 22 at the Open Source Conference in San Jose, CA (OSCON), Neal McBurnett will give a talk on "ElectionAudits: a Django App for Advanced Election Auditing"

There are other good election-related talks there, and lots of other great content, so come by if you're registered, and register if you can.

See the details at

Updated on 2009-07-17. Read more

ElectionAudits in Python Magazine

Written for ElectionAudits by Neal McBurnett on 2009-05-06

The April 2009 issue of Python Magazine has an interview with Neal McBurnett about ElectionAudits. It is available from the site as a paid pdf download at (68 pages in the April issue, which also includes other voting coverage, like Mitch Trachtenberg's open source Ballot Browser!).

Updated on 2009-05-06.

Talk on ElectionAudits at OSCON this summer

Written for ElectionAudits by Neal McBurnett on 2009-03-19

Neal McBurnett will be giving a talk on at OSCON 2009 - the O'Reilly Open Source Convention.
The title is "ElectionAudits: a Django App for Advanced Election Auditing"

The convention is July 20-24 in San Jose, CA. Here is the talk description:

The open source ElectionAudits software was used in Boulder Colorado's groundbreaking election audit in 2008. Recent advances in auditing practices can help increase confidence in elections. This new Django-based app ties together voter-verified paper ballots, batch reporting, verifiably random selection of batches, hand counts, and statistical analysis. Come, and help audit in your state!

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