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Elisa Media Center RTBF plugin 0.5

Written for Elisa RTBF Plugin by Guillaume Desmottes on 2009-03-06

- Display video thumbnail as preview image too.
- Use pyamf's twisted client so requests are now async.
- Add all the webradios and differents VivaCité flavours.
- Video section is now available on Windows too.

Elisa Media Center RTBF plugin 0.2

Written for Elisa RTBF Plugin by Guillaume Desmottes on 2008-12-22

Dear Elisa friends,

I'm happy to announce the first release of the RTBF plugin marked as
stable. That means you can easily install it from Elisa's plugins list.

RTBF or Radio télévision belge de la communauté française is the
national broadcasting organisation of the government of the
French-speaking southern part of Belgium.

This plugin adds support for easy access to RTBF's radio streams and TV

This is the perfect plugin if
- You are Belgian and want to easily watch the news and listen radio.
- You'd like to improve your French by listening cool music (PureFM is
quite nice).
- You want to make fun of your Belgian friends by laughing of our
incapability to have a gouvernement.
- You are an Elisa plugin freak and want to install every possible
plugin. :)

Source code, egg file and bug reports are available on launchpad:

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