emesene 1.5.1 - "awesome" bugfix edition has been released!

Written for emesene by Riccardo 'c10ud' on 2009-10-21

So, we found some bugs and we fixed them, we hope you'll like this new version. We also added some new stuff (but don't tell anyone!) and it's still awesome.

Bugs fixed/ New features:

    * Smoother and bugfree login (and reconnect)
    * Removed deprecated statuses (brb, lunch, phone) since WLM doesn't use them anymore
    * Last timestamp in status bar (optional)
    * Even more layout options and a new theme (gnome-colors)
    * Fixed focus problems in conversations
    * Fixed problems with notifications
    * Fixed sending message errors when talking to WLM users
    * Fixed problems managing contacts (thanks pablo, and for those wandering: unfortunately we don't support Federated Contacts)
    * Fixed broken plugins, (re)added a bit more (Facebook, Encrypt, mail checkers, dbus, old notifications: thank their authors!)
    * Various fixes here and there
    * Tons of new languages supported

The fun doesn't stop here, you can check the Community for further informations or cooperate with the emesene team in any way you can:

    * New features
    * Translations
    * Plugins
    * Bug reports/fixes
    * Themes
    * Support to other users
    * Spreading the word

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