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Enano is a highly extensible content management system that can act as a wiki. It has a lot of cool lightweight features, including: AJAX page editor, logon, administration panel, and history panel; plugins exist to add a forum, blog, portal, RSS feeds, and more.

Enano includes a lot of access control features that let you control access to your site with extreme precision. We've provided inheritance, user groups, page grouping, tagging, and lots more - and it all plugs together to "just work." All of this functionality can be extended using plugins.

Want to help out with development? At this point we're mostly looking for people to translate and help clean up older code. All development except bugfixes goes into the unstable branch (currently 1.1).

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Dan Fuhry
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Simplified BSD Licence, GNU GPL v2, GNU LGPL v2.1, PHP Licence, Public Domain, Other/Open Source
(All of the software and components included with Enano are available under Free Software Foundation licenses (GPL/LGPL), permissive licenses, or in the public domain. We have a strong passion for ensuring the freedom of software, and sometimes this must be done through strict enforcement of licensing agreements. While we interpret the GPL to be more permissive than some projects (and make our views known on our website), we will also pursue those who violate it if needed.)

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