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Enemy Nations is a real time strategy game created by then Windward Studios, and released in 1997. The source code has since been released to the public.

The goal is to revive Enemy Nations by once again attempting to update the code to not only be able to run on a modern OS, but to be cross platform compatible. This can be done by porting the old Visual C++ 4.0 code written for Windows 95 and Windows 3.x using the Qt 4 application development framework.

Enemy Nations, unlike many other games released in the same time period, is a good candidate for a revitalization project. The game contained many high resolution graphics that could not be taken advantage of by hardware at the time, and many of these graphics still look good modern game standards. Many aspects of the game were held back only by the power of the machine that was running it. This means large maps, 20 player multi player, and great computer AI that was held back by the power of the system. The depth of this RTS has few rivals to this day and it would be great to be able to play it once again.

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