Enjuewemela 0.3 is released

Written for enjuewemela by Facundo Batista on 2011-05-21

Enjuewemela 0.3 is released, with a lot of new features and bugs fixed.

However note that it's still a pre-alpha release, it still has a lot of rough edges, and need a lot of "art love".

Some of the biggest changes are:

- Classic and Rush game modes! Check both, they will bring you a lot of fun, :)

- Explosives and magic gems are fully implemented.

- Full internationalization support ! Do you want it in your language? Contact me!

- Scores are saved per game type, and there is a high scores display.

- No more limit to the game levels!

- Pieces are selectables, or moved using drag and drop.

- Scores are indicated when done near the selected gem.

- General flow game is done, including a full 'options' menu, and a 'credits' display.

- Now you can quit the game with ESC, pause it with "p" or the pause key,

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