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Facundo Batista
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Release notes 

New game style! Crazy mode! Try it, you'll like it.

We have a brand new 3.0 web site! Check it out: http://enjuewemela.taniquetil.com.ar/

Refactored completely the audio backend: the new one is more portable, faster, and should just make its work without you having to know anything about it

Updated the setup infrastructure, so now it's easy to install, and even a PPA can be built!


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83. New look
82. No more avbin
81. Make setup.py work also in install mode.
80. New setup.py and project refactor.
79. Small fix in html and removed debian dir
78. First web draft
77. Fixed the sound wrapper.
76. New audio backend
75. Fixed sound demo.
74. Upgraded cocos to r1111
73. Lot of small fixes, more internationalization, better configglue usage,
enhanced code quality.
72. New Crazy game style.
71. Fullscreen is a bool config.
70. Fix position, and better debugging.
69. Better usage of configglue, now we support different versions!

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