Entertainer 0.4 released!

Written for Entertainer Media Center by Matt Layman on 2009-04-06

At long last, the Entertainer developers are proud to announce that Entertainer 0.4, Apollo, is out the door. Apollo represents the beginning of our series of Greek god inspired code names.

And what is a more fitting name than the Greek god of healing!? The developers have been working hard to clean things up under the hood, so if you take a look at the 50 released bugs [1], you can see lots of TODOs and FIXMEs that were strewn about in the code have been rubbed out.

Since we're cleaning house, there still aren't a lot of features that the every day user might notice, but here are some highlights of new things in 0.4:

- Full screen mode now plays nicely on Entertainer. Since full screen is the new default behavior, those of you on screens smaller than 1366 by 768 will no longer have to figure out how to make Entertainer fit on your screen.
- Translators keep on rockin'. Entertainer has full support for 7 languages with partial support for many others. We have also joined the Launchpad Translators team so that the quality of our translations will improve as people from an experienced team review the work of our volunteers.

Since we are small team, we have learned that it simply won't be feasible to do a monthly release like we declared in our last release announcement. We are aiming, however, for a bi-monthly release schedule. There are some pretty exciting features that we are preparing so keep testing and letting those bug reports role in.

Please remember that Entertainer is still considered alpha software. Any help from the community will be appreciated. Please come join us on the mailing list [2] or our IRC channel (#entertainer) on the Freenode network (irc.freenode.net). We would love to help you get involved.

You can download the source tarball from our downloads page [3] or wait for a little while until Launchpad can finish building the 0.4 release in the Entertainer Release Team PPA.

Matt Layman
Entertainer Release Team member

[1] https://launchpad.net/entertainer/+milestone/entertainer-0.4
[2] entertainer-dev@lists.ironlionsoftware.com
[3] https://launchpad.net/entertainer/+download

Updated on 2009-04-06.

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