Epidermis 0.3 "Is there nothing more?"

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Is there nothing more?
David D Lowe
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6 David D Lowe
1 Deferred, 4 Implemented
1 Fix Released

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download icon epidermis_0.3-0ubuntu0_all.deb (md5, sig) Debian package for Ubuntu 1,324
last downloaded 6 weeks ago
download icon epidermis_0.3-0ubuntu0.tar.gz (md5, sig) Source code 121
last downloaded 2 weeks ago
Total downloads: 1,445

Release notes 

This release includes several new features, including the automatic handling of .pigment files, .pigment thumbnails, and the ability to have incomplete skins.


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- Now installs application/x-pigment mime-type for .pigment files.
- Opens .pigment files from command line.
- Skins no longer require a linked pigment from every type.
- .pigment files have thumbnails automatically generated by a script in GNOME's Nautilus.
- Ability to choose which .pigment files to install and to activate when you open them.
- The possibility to undo the accidental closure of Epidermis.
- Fixed wallpaper filename extension bug. (lp:385623)

5 blueprints and 1 bug targeted

Blueprint Priority Assignee Delivery
Allow incomplete skins Allow incomplete skins 3 Medium David D Lowe  11 Implemented
Include thumbnailer for .pigment files Include thumbnailer for .pigment files 3 Medium David D Lowe  11 Implemented
Open .pigment files from file browser Open .pigment files from file browser 3 Medium David D Lowe  11 Implemented
Seperate local and system-wide changes Seperate local and system-wide changes 2 Low David D Lowe  2 Deferred
Undo closed window Undo closed window 2 Low David D Lowe  11 Implemented
Bug report Importance Assignee Status
385623 #385623 Wallpaper bug: extension case sensitive 5 Low David D Lowe  10 Fix Released
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