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Epigrass is a simulator of epidemics over networks. Its is a scientific tool created for simulations and scenario analysis in Network epidemiology. I can also be applied to simulate other dynamical systems associated with networks.

The geographical networks over which epidemiological processes take place can be very straightforwardly represented in a object-oriented framework. In such a framework, the nodes and edges of the geographical networks are objects with their own attributes and methods.

Once the archetypal node and edge objects are defined with appropriate attributes and methods, then a code representation of the real system can be constructed, where cities (or other geographical localities) and transportation routes are instances of the node and edge objects, respectively. The whole network is also an object with a whole collection of attributes and methods.

This framework leads to a compact and hierarchical computational model consisting of a network object containing a variable number of node and edge objects. This framework also do not pose limitations to encapsulation, potentially allowing for networks within networks if desirable (not yet implemented).

For the end user this framework is transparent since it mimics the natural structure of the real system. Even after the model is converted into a code object, all of its component objects remain accessible internally, facilitating the exchange of information between all levels of the model.

The latest development code for the 2.x branch of Epigrass is now being hosted in Mercurial at the following website:

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