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This project has the objective to develop the Epidemiological Surveillance Support System (EpiS3), a decision support system for syndromic diagnosis for diseases under surveillance at national level. It is intended to be implemented in key healthcare services, especially emergency rooms in main public general hospitals, primary care settings and healthcare services located in inner and remote areas. EpiS3 can operate concurrently on the same machine with an electronic health record (EHR) application.

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Health information is a strategic area for definition of priorities in healthcare. Besides attending to essencial demands for the management of the system, health information can stimulate the formation and the maturing of the health conscience over the population. It is of fundamental importance to strnghten that the demand for health information accessible and high quality happens in a context of consolidation of health surveillance and regionalization of healthcare. In this context, it should occur, with crescent intensity, the migration from traditional centralized programs to healthcare actions which regard regional differences. Thus it is evident the setting up between this new model of healthcare and the availability of information that add, to the clinical-epidemiological and demographinc profiles currently systematized, the especificities of the different populational groups.
In this scenario, the development of new mechanisms the access to the state of the art of medical knowledge, the implementation of standards and coding systems and, mainly, the politics of support for the adoption and use of such health information systems are fundamental. For those systems, one can recognize as the main advances currently required: (a) definition of the knowledge base in terms of contents, rules and fluxograms; (b) compilation of databases of indicators; (c) development of the operational features related to the accessibility and responsiveness and (d) creation of organizational structures for the support of the management of systems, regarded as interventions of healthcare sector.
Regarding Eletronic Health Records (EHRs), many publications has discussed on its potential to support healthcare, clinical-epidemiological studies, decision support system and healthcare management. International normatization has been proposed in order to stablish the definition, the context and the scope of EHR (ISO 20514), the requisites of and EHR architexture (ISO 18308), and models for EHR extract communication (ISO 13606). Despite all this, EHRs, most of the cases are little interoperable, of difficult maintenance and they don't fully attend the requisites purposed. Healthcare has some features that make very complex the development of EHR systems, being some of them: the huge number of concepts and in constant evolution; the difficulties to reach to a consensus related to abrangent models and the difficulty in the maintenance of the proposed models; the system developers need to respond to some of the needs of the specialists, but the systems must keep interoperable.
In order to get over the need of constant changes in the persistence model of the systems, some proposals has been presented on literature. The central feature of those proposals is the separation between the domain model and the persistence model. This separation of responsabilities is more well developed and specified by openEHR Foundation, which proposed a model for the development of EHR systems, by them named as dual model, in order to facilitate the evolutive maintenance of systems. In the dual model, there is a Reference Model (RM) and a Domain Model (DM). Those concepts are well explained on the documentation available at

Notice: We are proud to be partially funded by "National Institute of Science and Technology - Medicine Assisted by Scientific Computing" INCT-MACC

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