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Epoptes has migrated to!

Written for Epoptes by Fotis Tsamis on 2017-01-18

Epoptes code repositories and bug tracking have been migrated to github at:

Translations, Answers and PPAs will continue to be monitored/updated in Launchpad.

Hello world!

Written for Epoptes by Fotis Tsamis on 2011-09-27

Hello world!
This is Epoptes, a computer lab management and monitoring tool, that started as sch-scripts from Alkis Georgopoulos and Fotis Tsamis.

As sch-scripts was growing larger we decided to make it two projects, so here we are with Epoptes. Epoptes is an internationalized tool for managing the computers in a lab, by using a daemon running in a server, the monitoring/main application and a client application that gets installed in every computer client.

We hope to see Epoptes installed in every Linux computer lab!

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