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Mark Harman
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download icon erebus.msi (md5) Windows installer 47
last downloaded 13 days ago
download icon (md5) Windows binary 13
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FIXED Crash if game failed to find game data.
FIXED Potential crash when using volume control keys on Android.
FIXED Fixed level up window for lower resolution non-mobile screens (e.g.,
        1024x600 netbooks).
FIXED Made it so that "Inn" shop doesn't appear in campaign window, nor as an
        NPC shopkeeper in random dungeons.
FIXED On Android, text windows were slightly misaligned if scrolling (due to
        attempting to display a scrollbar).
ADDED New music by Alexander Timoshenko (on Windows and Linux).
ADDED Option to import/export save game files from/to external storage on
ADDED If save game fails to load on Android, save game file will be copied to
        SD card.
ADDED New command line option -datafolder to specify location of data folder.
UPDATED No longer using WebKit - on Android, this reduces the required library
        downloads from ~25MB to ~10MB; on Windows, this reduces the required
        install size by ~10MB.
UPDATED Now using SFML 2 instead of Phonon for audio on Windows and Linux
        (allows gapless looping, and fixes audio problems on Linux). Note that
        unfortunately an SFML bug means the game will now crash on Windows XP -
        see known issues.
UPDATED Added footsteps sounds for Linux (now work properly with SFML).
UPDATED Display message when game is paused.
UPDATED Display message when player receives an item or gold from an NPC.
UPDATED Improved collision detection and input handling for large scenery items
        displayed in an "isometric" orientation.
UPDATED Improved performance of path finding (by removing unnecessary path graph
UPDATED Background music (for Windows/Linux) now paused when game is in
UPDATED Options now allow control of music and sound effects volume separately.
UPDATED Character direction when using keyboard movement now always follows the
        direction requested from keyboard.
UPDATED Display help info when choosing game type.
UPDATED Windows version now compiled with Qt 4.8.5.
INFO Symbian port dropped.

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