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Mark Harman
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Release notes 

FIXED Bug in random dungeon generation.
FIXED Removed extra newlines on item description window, just before the main
FIXED Help text for exporting save game files on Android was incorrect.
ADDED Can now choose which quest to start on.
ADDED Kinetic scrolling for textviews on Android (this already worked on
        Windows touchscreens, but not Android).
ADDED Kinetic scrolling for lists on Android and Windows touchscreens.
ADDED Intel x86 Android devices now supported.
ADDED Added new option to minimise to desktop, for Windows and Linux
        (particularly useful for Windows 8 tablets).
ADDED Added button to display on-screen keyboard next to text edits where
        relevant for Windows (particularly useful for Windows 8 tablets).
UPDATED Android version now longer requires installation of Ministro app.
UPDATED More variation in random dungeon levels.
UPDATED Autosave when game goes to background, if saving is allowed (i.e.,
        enemies not nearby) - particularly useful for Android.
UPDATED Autosave when leaving and reentering the dungeon.
UPDATED Improved min/max zoom to work better on different resolutions (fixes a
        problem on high resolution phones such as Nexus 6 where maximum zoom
        level wasn't very high).
UPDATED Improved sizing of icons in item list views.


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