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Mark Harman
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download icon erebus.msi (md5) Windows installer 123
last downloaded 12 days ago
download icon (md5) Source 113
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download icon (md5) Windows binary 40
last downloaded 9 days ago
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Release notes 

FIXED Extra strong hits should apply to hand-to-hand combat (fix it properly
        this time!)
FIXED NPCs casting spells shouldn't be displaying "run" animation.
FIXED Logging and save games fixed to work on systems with unicode path for
        the home/user directory. Filenames with unicode also now supported.
FIXED Potential crash if sound system fails to work.
FIXED Placement of NPCs where graphical image is not equal width and height.
FIXED Images for scenery info windows weren't displaying on Android.
ADDED New gameplay mode: random dungeon.
ADDED Player can now select which two statistics to increase when levelling
ADDED New weapon "Holy Water", can be thrown at "unholy" creatures causing
        them damage.
ADDED New weapon "Acid", can be thrown at enemies.
ADDED New spells "Acid Strike", "Agony", "Heal", "Paralyse".
ADDED Targetted enemy is now highlighted with a bouncing red circle.
ADDED Arrows now displayed when firing bows.
ADDED Graphical effect for spells.
ADDED "Turbo" option to make game time go at 2x rate.
ADDED Various (random) "game over" messages, also displays achieved level and
ADDED New "permadeath" optional game mode - only one save game allowed, which
        is deleted if you die!
ADDED New quicksave option.
ADDED New Orc Shaman.
ADDED Support for different types of ammo.
ADDED Character portraits.
ADDED Journal now records interaction with NPCs (sub-quests), along with
        record of time elapsed in quest.
ADDED Allow player's name to be specified by the user.
ADDED New tilemaps support - added road to village/past level.
ADDED Smoke effect for Armourer's building.
ADDED Pressing 'N' cycles targetting through the visible enemies.
ADDED Fade in/out graphical effects.
ADDED Make install now supported on Linux.
UPDATED Improved AI, enemies now follow you round corners!
UPDATED Enemies now try to flee if sufficiently injured, and fail a bravery
UPDATED Improved clicking on scenery and NPCs.
UPDATED Improved performance of game when player moves (due to improved
        performance of visibility detection).
UPDATED Performance tweaks for Symbian.
UPDATED NPC and scenery graphics now lazily loaded - improves startup
        performance, and reduces memory usage.
UPDATED Fire Bolt spell damage now not reduced by armour (only shield).
UPDATED Zooming in/out with multitouchpad zoom no longer unpauses game.
UPDATED Documentation for spells; other improvements to documentation.
UPDATED Giant Spider now has chance of causing paralysis on successful hit.
UPDATED Zombie now has chance of causing disease on a successful hit.
UPDATED Save/load game lists now display date and time; no need to hack this
        information into the filename itself.
UPDATED Save/load game lists now sorted properly by date and time, most recent
UPDATED Journal now autoscrolls to bottom (i.e, most recent).
UPDATED Save game successfully saved message now done as an on-screen text
UPDATED On non-mobile platforms, some windows now don't show as fullscreen.
UPDATED Fixed hard opaque shadows to be soft.
UPDATED Replaced lower button bar with smaller buttons at the top-right.
UPDATED Changed font for non-mobile platforms.
UPDATED If unable to open log file in OS user space, try in program folder.


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