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An open source web hosting billing system.
Forked from AccountLab Plus of Nettenberg.

Project is suggested to be formed by "CS Squad" "eSupun", "-Rsmiley-", "RosenCruz" and several other web hosting service providers representatives.

This web hosting billing project is build base on AccountLab Plus, which was announced to be open sourced by Nettenberg, the original developer of AccountLab Plus.
AccountLab Plus codes was released to public under GPL License at end of December 2009, when Nettenberg announced that they will not continue to develop and enhance Account Lab Plus.

Due to it is a very good open source web hosting billing system, we has decided to fork out a branch and start this project to continue improve the codes of AccountLab Plus.

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Eris Cart Team
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trunk series 

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Simplified BSD Licence, GNU GPL v2, GNU GPL v3

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