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Jisort–Microfinance Management Software

A software to manage all activities within a microfinance institution or Sacco Organization or any members contribution group.
System Features

Jisort –Microfinance Management Software

System Features

1. Registration Module

Member Registration
Captures the following details

· Member full names
· Member ID No
· Member no
· Town
· Residence
· Occupation
· Email address
· County
· Mobile Number
· Pin Number
· Date of Registration/Joining
· Passport Images

Allow adding of member’s next of kin (optional)
· Capture beneficiary’s personal information
· Capture beneficiary relationship
· Captures beneficiary photos

2. Contribution Module

Allow members to make contribution to their savings/ shares account on daily, monthly (periodically) basis.

Features include:
· Contribution to member savings account
· Contribution to multiple saving plan accounts
· Backdating contributions
· Contributing towards an outstanding loan
· Printing out a receipt after the transaction
· Sending SMS notification to the member after transaction completion

3. Income Module

Allow the Organization to capture incomes comprehensively, incomes from members activities like registration, account statement print out, interest from loans among others, and incomes from other investments.
Features include:
· Capture the payee of the income
· Captures date and amount
· Allow multiple income entries
· Issue receipt after the transaction

4. Expenses Module

Allow the organization to account for her expenditure.
Features include:
· Captures the receiver of any expenditure funds
· Captures the reason for every expenditure
· Captures approvals for every expenditure
· Captures expenditure date, amount
· Captures check no if any
· Captures the account of expenditure affected e.g. office expenses, petty cash, salaries, e.t.c.

5. Loans Module

This is the module that automates the loan application, repayment, interests, guarantees, and guarantors. Its working is guided by the organizations by-laws.
Features Include:
Loan application which captures
· Amount applied for
· Reason for the loan
· Type of the loan
· Repayment period
· Disbursement method
· Allow addition of guarantors to cover for the amount above member’s available share balance
· Display loan repayment schedule/ amortization
· Checks all organization’s by laws before finalizing the application

6. Shares Management Module

A module used by management to perform share/ savings transfer activities in a transparent manner.
Features include:
· Transfer within individual members account e.g. from savings to loan repayment account
· Transfer from one member to another member
· Transfer from member to organization e.g. from member savings to an organization’s income account

Standing Orders

This sub module enables a MFI or Sacco to automate certain bulk activities such as loan deductions, special contributions, fees and penalties e.t.c.

7. Accounting Module

This module performs basic bookkeeping activities for the organization based on the information captured
Features include:
· Journals
· Addition of assets accounts
· Addition of liability accounts
· Profit and Loss statement
· Bank Reconciliations
· General Ledger
· Trial Balance
· Balance sheet

8. Reporting Module

Features include:
A Module that avail all reports and statements in the system, which can be exported to other software applications like, excel, printed out, or view only.
Features include:
Statements including
· Member Account Statement
· Member account mini statement
· Individual saving plan account statement

· Loan repayment report
· Guarantors report
· Guaranteed report
· Group Issued Loan Report
· Group Loan balances report
· Group savings report
· Group available balances report
· Group daily transactions report
· Group periodical transactions report
· Income report
· Expenses report
· Bank (statement) transactions report
· Withdrawal/ exit reports
· Contribution group report
· Feedback reports

9. System Administration Module

The system administrator has powers to regulate users and their activities on the system
Features include:
· Create, update, delete, suspend system users
· Assign, Denial individual user permissions and roles
· Monitor all system users via audit trail/ user activities log
· Create, Update, Delete Business/ Organization details like address and letterhead
· System database back up activities

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Apache Licence, MIT / X / Expat Licence

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