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0.5beta release from the 0.5 series released 2009-02-02

File Description Downloads
download icon extremetuxracer-0.5beta.tar.gz (md5, sig) Source release 1,814
last downloaded 5 days ago
Total downloads: 1,814

0.4 release from the 0.4 series released 2008-01-25

Release information
Release notes:

"New word boxes, new trees, new hud, new themesong, new surfaces, new cups" - it's a release from the Media branch, so mainly these are the things added, but also couple of bugs were fixed.


* Added Spanish translation
* Added Slovak translation
* Added Polish translation
* Added Romanian translation
* Improved: German, Czech and Swedish translations
* Course bugfix
* Indexed skybox colors, made progress bar a default, changed audio volume
* Fixed absolute directory of tcl
* Added new music
* Added new courses and reorganized them
* Fixed some bugs

File Description Downloads
download icon extremetuxracer-0.4.tar.gz (md5, sig) Source tarball 686
last downloaded 8 days ago
Total downloads: 686