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EVE Manager aims to be a powerful and easy to use application for managing personal and corporation finances and assets.

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Initially, the primary purpose of EVE Manager will be to aggregate financial data from one or more characters to make the data easily accessible through graphs in the aid of developing an EVE business. The development of this application is driven through personal need for the features, and as such features are prioritised in the order that I would find them useful.

In the future, EVE Manager will also provide the following features:
   * Simple character sheet
   * Currently training skill
   * Other Market data (Corporation and Character)
   * Asset List
   * Starbase List
   * Starbase details

Design and prototyping work on the application itself has started, pausing development on the underlying libraries. This will allow the requirements for these libraries to be more easily determined. The application is based on a plugin architecture, where each plugin implements a Qt model/view architecture. This allows the application to be easily extended through well defined interfaces. Each plugin will receive a signal containing the API method called and a string containing the XML data. This allows plugins to implement specialised parsers to extract only the data needed.

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