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Registered 2010-11-24 by Robert Jordens

Python server framework to receive and process images from EyeFi SDHC+WiFi cards.

The EyeFi SDHC+WiFi is a flash storage card with integrated wifi aimed at digital cameras. It uploads captured images to a server over wireless. While the server is originally closed source Win/Mac only, the protocol is simple enough and has been documented and reimplemented by Jeff Tchang (http://returnbooleantrue.blogspot.com/2009/04/eye-fi-standalone-server-version-20.html). Alternative server frameworks include: the original (https://github.com/tachang/EyeFiServer), a slight modification of the original (http://code.google.com/p/eyefiserver/), a WSGI python rewrite (http://code.google.com/p/py-fi-server/), and a C++ implementation (http://kin.klever.net/iii/).

This is a compact rewrite of the EyeFi server making heavy use of twisted to do all the HTTP/SOAP protocol, asynchronous and network stuff. It supports:

* support for multiple cards: identified by mac address and unique upload key
* geotagging: the recorded WiFi AP macs are resolved into geolocation coordinates using the google geolocation api
* extracting preview images: the pro cards allow raw image file upload. These images frequently include an embedded small or full size jpg preview
* running commands on the received files
* flickr upload using a twisted-compatible adaption of flickrapi

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Latest version is 0.2
released on 2012-03-03

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