Falcon 1.5.0 "Orange juice"

Falcon is gaining a small user base -- which means people use it in ways I don't and bugs are found. Which is good :)

Apart from bugfixes, this release also renames 'sections' to the proper word 'components' everywhere

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Orange juice
Dennis Kaarsemaker
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I used the term section in falcon to describe a component. This was wrong and is now fixed. Several small-ish bugs are also fixed and a few features are added since 1.4.0: a new template, proper copyright information and the possibility to use ~/.falcon.ini as default config.

The term 'section' was a misnomer. It is replaced with the proper 'component' everywhere. Backwards compatibility is ensured, but you are advised to fix your configuration and possibly your own templates.


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falcon (1.5.0-0ubuntu1) dapper; urgency=low

  * Bomb out if pool/$release/all exists and do_all is True
  * Support ~/.falcon.ini as alternative config location and prefer it over
    /etc/falcon.ini -- this makes sense because falon refuses to run as root,
    so why should it be configured as root :)
  * Warn if using an older template
  * The big s/section/component/ release. Section was a misnomer, it was used
    for components of the repository. Sections have been renamed to components
    everywhere, however old config options etc can still be used for backwards
  * Include the component name in the Packages file
  * Add a new template, 'orange'
  * Remove extraneous newlines at the end of Packages/Source files
  * Really support multiple templates by not hardcoding mod.default
  * Move template_files check outside the mirror loop

 -- Dennis Kaarsemaker <email address hidden> Thu, 3 Aug 2006 15:19:28 +0200

falcon (1.4.1-0ubuntu1) dapper; urgency=low

  * Add -x / --extract to falcon-import for extracting the sourcepackage
  * Add copyright notices
  * Check for id_dsa and identity too, not just id_rsa
  * Add new additions to falcon-import.1
  * Make pkglist.release check for the existence of dists/release so it
    doesn't crash for releases without sections
  * Really fix do_all for single section archives, the hack used earlier
    doesn't work

 -- Dennis Kaarsemaker <email address hidden> Wed, 26 Jul 2006 01:58:35 +0200

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