Falcon 1.0-stable series

After 1.0 there will be focus on stability in the 1.0-stable branch. This branch will feature mostly backwards-compatible releases.

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Dennis Kaarsemaker
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Active Development
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is not the focus of development.
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Falcon x None This is an inactive milestone
Falcon 1.5.0 "Orange juice" None 2006-08-03 Falcon is gaining a small user base -- which means people use it in ways I do...
Falcon 1.4.0 None 2006-07-15 This release introduces support for multiple architectures. Often requested a...
Falcon 1.3.2 None 2006-07-10 Bugfixes and a new utility for importing packages
Falcon 1.2 "The Craig Box release" None 2006-06-23 More fixes, most for bugs discovered by Craig Box
Falcon 1.1 None 2006-06-21 Bugfixes from 1.0
Falcon 1.0-series-1.0-stable None 2006-05-29 Bugfixes, updated documentation and cleanup.
17 of 7 results

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