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0.1a1 (merise alpha 1) release from the merise series released 2007-05-20

Release information
Release notes:

This is our first release. It is only a demonstration with a minimal UI. The user will only be prompted for his name and for a few commands. Actually it's just " What is your name?"


    * text video driver
    * memory managment
          o full detection using the grub memory map
          o paging enable
          o dynamic memory allocation
    * PCI bus: scan
    * system managment structure (GDT and co)
    * interrupts handling
          o on error, the system is stopped and print some useful information like EIP register
          o if it is an IRQ, call the handler and return to normal state
          o possibility to register a specific handler, else the default one is used
    * small shell:
          o help
          o about
          o lspci
          o test-mem
          o test-screen
that's it!

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