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Movie creator from photos and videos

ffDiaporama is a fork of Videoporama (an application of creation of videos sequences established by titles, images, photos or movie clip) totally rewritten from scratch in Qt and including numerous additional features

It is likely that ffDiaporama becomes the next major version of Videoporama (when it will have become stable)

- Import images from bmp, gif, jpg, png, pbm, pgm, ppm, tiff, xbm, xpm
- Import videos from avi, mov, mpg, ,m4v, mkv,mp4
- Title creation of many forms with gradients and composite background
- Real time preview
- Image filtering (gama, luminosity, contrast, etc.)
- Ken burns effect (zoom, move, rotate and some filtering effects)
- 140 transitions
- and more ...

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ffDiaporama Team
ffDiaporama Team
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2.2-devel series 

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Qt 4 and Qt 5

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ffDiaporama 2.2-devel series is the current focus of development

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