Publication of a first devel version for the future ffDiaporama 2.1

Written for ffDiaporama by domledom on 2013-12-13

The development cycle for the new 2.1 version start now.

For this new version there are :

    a big modification of the engine (inclusion of ressources in the .ffd files)
    a big modification of the system for the translation
        Now translations are no longer included in the installation packages.
        When ffDiaporama starts the first time, it downloads translations from the web site. On start following, it checks on the web site if a new version of the translations are ready and then it downloads them from the web site.
    2 new objects was integrated:
        image from clipboard
            It allows to paste image directly without using a file
            From the main window -> it creates a slide with the image
            From the slide dialog -> it creates a block with the image
        Google Maps map
            To produce maps using Google Maps
            For the moment, it's only available on the slide dialog -> it creates a block with the image
            In the future, we plan to create new slide models containing maps and add localization in ffDiaporama project settings

There are lot of things to do again. Not all is finished: for example, markers are not yet managed for maps

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