Publication of devel version 20140503

Written for ffDiaporama by domledom on 2014-05-03

Publication of a new devel version of the future ffDiaporama version 2.2

This new version includes a major change: the replacement of the SDL library to its equivalent QT (QtMultimedia for QT5 version and qtmobility for QT4 version).

This replacement can resolve once and for all the problems of audio/video synchronization

Other changes are:

Bug fixes:
    -Fixed a display bug in the timeline (the display for audio video could leave the frame when the sound was on auto)
    -Fixed audio/video synchronization problems (through QTMultimedia)
    -Reduced the gap between the ref-frames in rendered videos (pass from 1 every 10 seconds to 4 per seconds)

New features:
    -Adds a button to control the volume for the preview player

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