FFmpeg 2.4 "Fresnel"

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Release notes 

  RELEASE NOTES for FFmpeg 2.4 "Fresnel"

   The FFmpeg Project proudly presents FFmpeg 2.4 "Fresnel", just 2 months
   after the release of 2.3. Since this wasn't a long time ago, the Changelog
   is a bit short this time.

   The most important thing in this release is the major version bump of the
   libraries. This means that this release is neither ABI-compatible nor
   fully API-compatible. But on the other hand it is aligned with the Libav
   11 release series, and will as a result probably end up being maintained for
   a long time.

   As usual, if you have any question on this release or any FFmpeg related
   topic, feel free to join us on the #ffmpeg IRC channel (on

    🔨 API Information

     FFmpeg 2.4 includes the following library versions:

       • libavutil 54.7.100
       • libavcodec 56.1.100
       • libavformat 56.4.101
       • libavdevice 56.0.100
       • libavfilter 5.1.100
       • libswscale 3.0.100
       • libswresample 1.1.100
       • libpostproc 53.0.100

     Important API changes since 2.3:

       • The new field mime_type was added to AVProbeData, which can
         cause crashes, if it is not initialized.
       • Some deprecated functions were removed.
       • The avfilter_graph_parse function was made compatible with Libav.
       • The Matroska demuxer now outputs verbatim ASS packets.

     Please refer to the doc/APIchanges file for more information.

  ★ List of New Features


    • Icecast protocol.
    • API for live metadata updates through event flags.
    • UTF-16 support in text subtitles formats.
    • The ASS muxer now reorders the Dialogue events properly.
    • support for H.261 RTP payload format (RFC 4587)
    • HEVC/H.265 RTP payload format (draft v6) depacketizer


    • Ported lenscorrection filter from frei0r filter.
    • Large optimizations in dctdnoiz to make it usable.
    • Added codecview filter to visualize information exported by some codecs.
    • Added silenceremove filter.


    • Added clip() function in eval.

  ⚠ Behaviour changes

  • dctdnoiz filter now uses a block size of 8x8 instead of 16x16 by default
  • -vismv option is deprecated in favor of the codecview filter
  • libmodplug is now detected through pkg-config
  • HTML documentation generation through texi2html is deprecated in
    favor of makeinfo/texi2any
  • ICY metadata are now requested by default with the HTTP protocol


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