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File Browser Applet is an applet for the GNOME Panel. It lets you browse and open files in your computer directly from the panel, without having to open a file manager. It is not intended as replacement to proper file managers like nautilus. Sometimes you just want to open a file and don't want to have to open a file manager, browse to and open the file, then close the file manager. This Applet just saves you couple of clicks.

Ubuntu packages are availiable in the File Browser Applet Dev PPA:

Please note that File Browser Applet is not developed on Launchpad. This Launchpad project exists in order to facilitate linking bugs in Ubuntu's File Browser Applet package and upstream's bug tracker. It also mirrors File Browser Applet's Subversion repository as a Bazaar branch. A separate Bazaar branch hosted here maintains the Debian package for File Browser Applet.

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  • Version 0.6.2 released. on 2009-04-17
    * Added preliminary DnD dragging out of applet. MOVE is the default behav...