Dropping support for V0 protocol and schema

Written for FileStore by Jason Gerard DeRose on 2015-11-22

The V1 Dmedia hashing protocol, V1 Dmedia document schema, and V1 Novacut document schema were finalized over 29 months ago (on June 1st 2013):


My feeling is that this has given folks ample time to migrate any existing V0 libraries to V1. However, if anyone out there has an existing V0 library and needs help migrating it to V1, please let me know and I'll happily help!

Still, there is a cost in maintaining the V0 to V1 migration path, especially considering some refactoring I'd like to do in the near future. The V0 to V1 migration was unusual in terms of what we expect going forward, and the code for it is rather crufty.

So this migration path has now been dropped in our daily PPA builds for Ubuntu 15.10/Wily and Ubuntu 16.04/Xenial.

Note that support for this migration path is still present in our daily *and* stable PPA builds for Ubuntu 14.04/Trusty and Ubuntu 15.04/Vivid, and that support is still present in our *stable* PPA for Ubuntu 15.10/Wily. The current stable release for 15.10/Wily will be archived in a separate PPA prior to releasing a new stable release for 15.10/Wily that drops support for this migration path.

At this time, no further stable releases are planned for Ubuntu 14.04/Trusty or Ubuntu 15.04/Vivid, so Novacut releases that support the V0 to V1 migration path will be available for as long as each respective Ubuntu release is supported (almost 3 years more for Ubuntu 14.04/Trusty, and about 2 months more for Ubuntu 15.04/Vivid).

This is all part of an effort to trim some fat in preparation for a (hopefully) exciting Novacut release for Ubuntu 16.04/Xenial, the next Ubuntu LTS release.

Finally, note the plan is to indefinitely support the V1 hashing protocol, and to indefinitely support migration from the V1 document schema to whatever document schema version Dmedia and Novacut currently use.

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