FileStore 11.10 "Production Ready"

filestore is basically feature complete and API stable at this point. There may be further tweaks to the hashing protocol here and there as it gets more review, but that wont break the API (just change the hash values).

This month will see only minor tweaks, but we want to focus on further improving the code clarity, documentation, and test coverage.

The unit test coverage is already very comprehensive, but we want to add a simple harness for some highly abusive long running tests... say, create 1 TB of random test files on one hard drive, and then import them onto 2 other hard drives all in one big pass. Or have two processes importing the same set of files into the same target filestore... basically stuff to try to break filestore.

We want the test harness to be easy for anyone to run (although people will probably need a few spare hard drives to dedicate to testing), plus we'll be running these tests continuously the next month at Novacut HQ.

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863716 #863716 iter_files() should not descend into "lost+found" on ext4/ext3/ext2 3 High Jason Gerard DeRose  10 Fix Released
863822 #863822 Add statvfs() function to be used by dmedia importer 3 High Jason Gerard DeRose  10 Fix Released
871197 #871197 Add filename to Stat 3 High Jason Gerard DeRose  10 Fix Released
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