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Release notes 

Big steps this month in finializing the V1 protocol, starting with a more formal specification:

Still to be decided is whether we'll switch to a custom base-32 encoding to fix the sort-order problem with RFC-3548 Base32 encoding, detailed here:

Code changes include:

  * Reworked filestore into a Python package (rather than a single Python module)

  * Added new filestore/ module that cleanly separates the functionality that any protocol will have in common from the details that will be unique to a protocol version. This makes R&D on future protocols easier, also helps us move more quickly on finalizing the V1 protocol.

  * Started work on making all code-paths select protocol version by ID length. This forces us start building things in a future-proof way now, and helps verify that selecting based on ID length is a workable design.

  * Added new filestore/ module, to which TempFileStore has been relocated (this avoids a few imports in `filestore`, lowers our idle memory footprint)

  * Added experimental fast_b32encode() C extension


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1094801 #1094801 Select protocol version based on ID length 3 High Jason Gerard DeRose  10 Fix Released
1099877 #1099877 Add formal protocol specification 3 High Jason Gerard DeRose  10 Fix Released
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