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0.1.0 released finally

Written for flabber by Walter on 2008-11-30

I'm glad to release the version 0.1.0 of flabber. It contains a very simple GUI written in GTK for easy downloading. We are also working on a more complexer GUI, just looking forward ;-)

The code name of this release is, in honor of our maintainer from France, Boulogne ("Bois de Boulogne"). He's working on a deb-file working on ubuntu and want to push flabber into the universe repository of ubuntu. Thanks for your work!

0.0.5 released!

Written for flabber by Walter on 2008-04-20

Version 0.0.5 is released now. It contains only support for five new portals and two updated portals. There is also included the latest translations of rosetta (Danish, French and Swedish). This is the latest release of 0.0.

Enjoy and look forward to use 0.1.0 ;-)

0.0.4 released!

Written for flabber by Walter on 2008-04-08

Phuh, 0.0.4 is released now. It doesn't contain some special changes (they happen in 0.1.* and not in 0.0.*) but includes support for the well-loved zdfmediathek for German/Austrian/Swiss users.

Unfortunately it doesn't support on-demand stream or picture gallery, but we think that's not tragic.
Of course the new release is also packaged as an ubuntu/debian .deb package and uploaded to the PPA of flabber.


repository available

Written for flabber by Walter on 2008-03-27

No more worry, make flabber up to date. Simply add these [1] two lines to /etc/apt/source.list and install flabber with your favourite package management program.

Our deb packages are tested under gutsy and hardy and should work perfectly.


Updated on 2008-04-13.

bugfix release is out

Written for flabber by Walter on 2008-03-27

0.0.3 is really buggy. for example, two options (--file and --verbose) didn't work. We recommend to update flabber to the new version.

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