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Barry Warsaw
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Release notes 

 * Fix documentation bugs. (LP: #1026403, LP: #1132830)
 * Deprecate ``EnumValue.__int__()``; use ``IntEnumValue`` (via ``IntEnum``)
 * Add ``IntEnum`` class which returns int-subclass enum values. (LP: #1132976)
   - Add ``__index__()`` method to support slicing. (LP: #1132972)
   - Add non-deprecated ``__int__()`` method.
 * Deprecate ``make()``; use ``Enum()`` instead.
   - Call ``IntEnum()`` to create integer valued enums. (LP: #1162375)
   - Accept a space-separate string of enum values which are auto-split.
   - Accept a dictionary of enumeration name/value pairs.
 * Add ``.value`` attribute to enum values. (LP: #1132859)
 * For ``__getitem__()`` and ``__call__()``, fall back to using the ``.value``
   attribute if the argument has one. (LP: #1124596)
 * Previously deprecated APIs ``EnumValue.enumclass``, ``EnumValue.enumname``,
   and ``enum.make_enum()`` are removed. (LP: #1132951)
 * Small change to the ``repr`` of enum values; they now say "value=" instead
   of "int=".
 * Multiple enum values now raise a `ValueError` instead of a `TypeError`.


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Bug report Importance Assignee Status
1155857 #1155857 Release under a Python Contributor Agreement compatible license 2 Critical Barry Warsaw  4 Won't Fix
1132830 #1132830 ``make()`` documentation says it's a static method, but it's not 3 High Barry Warsaw  10 Fix Released
1132859 #1132859 EnumValue should have a .value attribute so int() wrapping isn't necessary 3 High Barry Warsaw  10 Fix Released
1132951 #1132951 Remove deprecated APIs 3 High Barry Warsaw  10 Fix Released
1132972 #1132972 EnumValues should support __index__ 3 High   10 Fix Released
1162375 #1162375 Use calling syntax on Enum/IntEnum instead of make() 3 High Barry Warsaw  10 Fix Released
1026403 #1026403 pip installation instructions missing "install" 5 Low Barry Warsaw  10 Fix Released
1132952 #1132952 Use nose/tox for running the test suite 5 Low   10 Fix Released
1124596 #1124596 getattr syntax should support enum value as argument 6 Wishlist Barry Warsaw  10 Fix Released
1132976 #1132976 Allow actual EnumValue class to be overridden 6 Wishlist Barry Warsaw  10 Fix Released
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