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This is what used to be called `locknix`.

The ``flufl.lock`` library provides an NFS-safe file-based locking algorithm
influenced by the GNU/Linux `open(2)` manpage, under the description of the
`O_EXCL` option::

        [...] O_EXCL is broken on NFS file systems, programs which rely on it
        for performing locking tasks will contain a race condition. The
        solution for performing atomic file locking using a lockfile is to
        create a unique file on the same fs (e.g., incorporating hostname and
        pid), use link(2) to make a link to the lockfile. If link() returns
        0, the lock is successful. Otherwise, use stat(2) on the unique file
        to check if its link count has increased to 2, in which case the lock
        is also successful.

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