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Fly v1.0.0 released

Written for Fly by Pragma Nolint on 2012-08-22

Fly v1.0.0 is available for download. This version contains features and bug fixes such as:
* Steno colour overlay
* Hint options
* High contrast options for visually impaired users
* No more misstrokes in lessons

See changelog for complete list of changes. Note: unfortunately at this time it's available for linux only.

Dependencies can be installed by running the following in a terminal:
sudo apt-get install python-xlib python-pygame

Updated on 2012-08-22.

Downloading Fly

Written for Fly by Pragma Nolint on 2012-01-21

Currently only the development version of Fly is available here, although that will change soon. For now if you want to use Fly, you should download v0.0.1 (stable) from

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