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Bentokit Flywire is an intuitive open-source radio station playout application and client. It is developed in Java based on the Java Media Framework for cross-platform use under Windows, Mac or Linux. It is primarily designed for stations in the community broadcasting sector who have a high turnover of volunteers and can’t administer thorough training.

Flywire takes sound files from a set of subdirectories and displays them in various lists on the screen. The user then selects items from these lists to construct a playlist, which can be played when ready. When used as a client in conjunction with the Retromod Project, it has automated updating functions for Station IDs, Promos, Show Media, and scheduled Sponsorship Announcements, and also has an automatic playout function for when the studio is unattended. While Flywire can be used as a standalone application, it very much benefits from an administration interface such as Retromod.

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Latest version is 0.2.0
released on 2009-02-22

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