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TrueType Fonts from cwTeX

cwTeX fonts were originally developed by Tsong-Min Wu and Tsong-Huey Wu in 1999~2004 and released under GPL v2+ WITH FE. In 2005~2007, Edward G.J. Lee did some cleanup on this font. Since 2008, Chen-Pan Liao started to run this project.

In 2014, Tsong-Min Wu, Tsong-Huey Wu, Edward G.J. Lee and Chen-Pan Liao agreed to release the Kanji and Chinese Punctuations part as another font under SIL OFL v1.1, in hope of being merged into other OFL fonts.

All the fonts in this project can be embedded into PS, PDF and other similar documents, without changing the document's license (gpl fe).

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Ubuntu Taiwan Local Community
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GNU GPL v2, Open Font Licence v1.1

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