Freevial (Game) 1.2 "perfectionism"

This is mostly a bugfix release.

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Freevial (Game)
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Siegfried Gevatter
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Version 1.2 - Perfectionism

This is the third release of Freevial, which mainly only features some
important bugfixes and little improvements. Below we will highlight the
most important changes.

 - Further reduce CPU usage, saving some more cycles now.
 - If only a name (and not a path) is passed as --skin, and there's no
   directory with that name in the working directory, Freevial will now
   try to find if a skin with that name is installed somewhere.

Bug Fixes:
 - Fixed an evil crash which toke place each time a team won a game.
 - Fixed a crash which happened when there were no more questions left in
   a category whose name contained special characters.
 - Fixed a crash reproducible by pressing 'q' or escape on the end screen
   when the music is disabled.
 - Fix the installation script to really install all provided skins.

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